Technical Art (Fall 2017)

For my Technical Art course which I took during the Fall of 2017, I had various assignments and projects that I did including writing several simple Maya tools and tinkering around with Unity for doing other cool things. The two things that stood out from this course, in my opinion, were two of the things I built during the course:

  1. Bonsai for Maya
  2. RocketLeague-like Goal Explosion particle effects in Unity

Bonsai for Maya

Bonsai for Maya is a tool I developed for this course for the final project. It is still a work in progress, and only one week has been put into it as of yet. Even though I’m done with the course, I intend to develop this tool further with the intention of it being able to help other students at the ETC / an even wider audience with some quick modelling for prototypes. The goal of this project was to come up with a procedural vegetation generation tool similar to Disney’s Bonsai, and it is still being worked on.

Developed Using: Autodesk Maya, Python, PyQt5
Team size:



Goal Explosion Particle Effects

During the course, we were also given an assignment to make different particle effects which had physical consequences as well. So I took it upon myself to remake the goal explosions from one of my favorite games – Rocket League. I tried to attempt making the standard blue and orange explosions and then made one of my own – which I call the “Vortex Implosion”.

I also made everything else in the scene to try fit the environment. The crowd’s movement and color are controlled through an instanced shader that I wrote.

Developed Using: Unity, C#, Adobe Photoshop


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