Slicer + Animator (Maya 2017)

For my BVW Round 4 Project, I decided to try and step into the field of Tech Art, to try and aid the artists in achieving the following:

Initially, I was planning on doing something different, and to that end, I wrote a script to slice a given object into number of slices (input by user) and animate these slices to move one by one starting from the bottom to the top. 

Developed using: Python, Maya 2017
Team size: 5
Role: Programmer / Tech Artist



Stage 1 – I got the slicing and animation to work for a cylinder

Stage 2 – On finding multiple problems with the stage 1 script, I ended up making a placeholder animation, using only parts of the script

After this stage, we pivoted to a different game mechanism which would make the vines form bridges across riverbanks (as seen in the first video). Hence, for the sake of uniformity, we decided to simplify the animation and standardize it to also ease the programming.

However, on my own time, I did mange to fix the issues with the older script and ended up learning quite a bit about Python scripting in Maya 2017.

Stage 3 – I figured out how to solve all of my problems and fixed the script and obtained this animation (for the model I was initially supposed to animate)

Read all about my attempts in my Blog in the Slice of Strife series starting here:


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